Have you ever been out and spotted a mature aged person wearing the most incredible outfit?
They are being themselves, owning their own style and wearing things to reflect their personality.
Don’t get me wrong, I admire a person of any age that can rock an outfit, but today I’m taking about advanced style.

These people inspire me and many generations to maintain a sense of style and individuality as we age. Women particularly go through the most challenging time when peri- menapause starts and proceeds to menapause. Often I hear women say they’ve changed shape, put on weight, lost themselves or become invisible. They talk about not being able to wear synthetics anymore due to hot flushes, softer colours as our hair lightens or can’t wear anything with a waistband. It’s Ok, it happens to all of us. Just keep trying things, taking trusted advice and exploring what new shapes and colours work for you.

Retro shapes are not one style or fit. Retro shapes can be loose fit, fit and flare, shifts, empire line, floaty, sleeved, no sleeves, minis or maxis. In my brand Hey Jude Designs I love them all! I design shapes for all different bodies and ages. If you don’t have a waist I can style you in a dress with a drop waist, a shift, an empire line or I can create the look of a waist.
The most important element to body changes is acceptance. This acceptance is NOT giving up. It is accepting you, as you are, in this present time. Just wear something that makes you feel great and beautiful.

Advanced style is not about wearing the loudest outfit or boldest patterns. It is about making an effort for yourself. Take that little bit more time dressing in the morning. Put on your favourite earrings, match your scarf with your bag or wear that new top, don’t save it for a “special occasion”

Be inspired by these fabulous advanced stylers and pop into your local boutique and give something new a try.
I’m always available for styling advise too either via email hey@heyjudedesigns.com.au or in my store The Retro Room Kiama.
Hey keep inspired to style

For inspiration check out the advance stylers on social media, they are awesome.

Here are a few I follow:
@iris.apfel @mywrinklesaremystripes @britt.kanja @g.krabbenhoft @lindaandwinks @idiosyncraticfashionistas @valerie_von_sobel @ilonaroycesmithkin @saramaijewels @advancedstyle #advancedlove #advancedstyle