I love shopping in small businesses!  When I walk into a store that is owned by a small business person, you can see, and feel their vibe. Their personal taste and style is in every detail, from the signage, the stock they have chosen, made or designed and the way they have displayed it.  These brave, creative people have poured their hearts and trust into their venture.

Small shops are where I find special treasures and synchronistic moments. I have walked in to a little store and found that gorgeous journal that I drew my next design in or an amazing jumper that I felt amazing in at brunch with the girls. The connection with the owner or assistant is always personal and genuine. They have the care factor, they want you to enjoy the experience as well as your purchases.  They can tell you the story behind what you buy, give you styling tips and suggest things that would suit you.  I find that synchronicity happens in these unique places too: you run into an old friend you haven’t seen in years, or you hear of a yoga class nearby you were looking for.

Cafe’s owned by the locals are where you will find the heartiest coffees and most connecting times with friends. These guys support the local economy more than you know. They employ people, buy packaging from local suppliers, use local printers, coffee distributers and buy local produce.

One of the main reasons i opened a store in Kiama was the high amount of locally owned and operated businesses here. The local business community has embraced my store into their area, they understand that unique shopping communities bring customers, and that helps everyone. The Kiama locals are so loyal to their seaside town, they love buying and supporting businesses in their area. They have all been popping by The Retro Room and buying Hey Jude Designs and all my other retro designed accessories.

I love shopping in small businesses and recieving authentic service and buying unique pieces.  I love the thrill of the find and giving fabulous gifts.  Find your local community shopping and go for it!



Jude :-)