Welcome back to the beautiful world of going out, dressing up and in person socialising!

I get it, lock down has been all the emotions wrapped up in a cozy blanket on the lounge. We took opportunity to “exercise”, grab a socially distanced takeaway coffee and wore our dogs out with multiple daily walks.

But it’s time….

Time to get that dress on and eat out, meet up, go for drives and go shopping!

It’s time to reignite that pleasure of planning your outfit for the occasion. Now when I say occasion, I don’t mean a big event or party, I mean our daily and weekly occasions. I mean that drive to your favourite cafe for brunch, meeting the girls for a coffee, shopping with your bestie or dinner with your love. It’s the small details that make these occasions better.

Pop on those statement earrings and match them with that top that makes your eyes shine. Put on those shoes you never wear because they are “special” Put that dress on that makes you feel feminine – even if all your friends are in jeans.

The ritual of dressing for the occasion was normal for women and men in the past. They dressed to travel, to have dinner, to have afternoon tea; everyday. It is creative and it changes our mood and interests others. Taking the time to think, plan and find those outfits give us pleasure, focus and joy. Life is to be lived and emersed in. The clothes we wear are part of that statement. When you wear that colour that suits you, the shoes that change your posture, those earrings that swish when you turn your head, you feel different, you feel empowered and so do those around you. In these times of post co vid, I feel we can all step out in style and it will lift our lives in small ways.

Welcome back to your new world, ensure you feel amazing every day with pampering and dressing for every occasion.

Love Jude